Dolphin Activities


Beach Encounter

Scuba Education Experiences participants spend 30 minutes in waist-deep water with a dolphin trainer and a dolphin.  We learn basic dolphin anatomy and behavior while giving the dolphin a rub down and enjoying jumps and vocalizations.  Each person receives a dolphin kiss.

30-Minute Swim

Scuba Education Experiences also include a 30-minute swim with up to 14 dolphins in a 2-acre enclosure.  Dolphins enjoy playing games.  For example, one can free dive to the pluck a piece of sea grass and then invite a dolphin to play catch.  This is a highly interactive experience, especially when curious calves are in the pod!

Training Session for First-year Participants

Another hallmark of the week is a dolphin training session.  First-year participants stand on a platform to give commands and reward dolphin behavior. 

Training Session for Returning Participants

Second-year participants slip into the water for behaviors like a fin tow and a toe push.