Conservation Education

Scuba Education Experiences is a family-friendly program for 12-18 year-olds and their families that inspires a conservation mindset through life-long love of marine environments.  Our mission is to inspire and empower ecological citizenship with a week-long reef conservation camp.  Students can earn community service hours for contributing to conservation efforts in the Roatan Marine Park

Each day students are in class at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences learning about fish and coral identification, fish survey and reef monitoring techniques, and coral restoration.  Students dive twice a day to bring these lessons to life and apply them in the real world.  Post-dive activities involve compiling and analyzing data and discussing the observations of the day.


Coral ID & Reef Monitoring

Students use weighted cork markers to practice identifying coral.  They use their new skill surveying point-intercept transects to collect life form data and calculate hard coral areal coverage of the reef.  These data indicate reef health and may be used to track long-term changes in reef structure as well as to determine potential sites for transplanting new colonies.


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Coral Restoration


The Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences installed 12 “trees” to cultivate coral for restoring the reef. 
Students learn about coral propagation in the classroom and then dive the coral nursery.  They earn service hours by cleaning the infrastructure that supports healthy young colonies.

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Citizen Science Fish Surveys

Students who register with Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) have an opportunity to earn service hours by conducting fish surveys and uploading the surveys to REEF’s citizen science database.